The Classical Corner

Episode 5: Birdsong, Biber and Beethoven

July 5, 2020

In this episode, host Davina Clarke takes a look at how nature and specifically birdsong has been an influence to composers throughout the ages- from the symbolism of the nightingale in Virgil and Homer's writing, to the cuckoo's musical immitative call used by so many composers. 

She discusses the transmission of birdsong in the folk and classical traditions, from its first use in the fourteenth century, right through to today's much loved twentieth century masterpieces

The music covered includes works by Handel, Biber and Beethoven, which can all be found in the Spotify Playlist link below:



Musical performances in the episode are:

Orlando Gibbons: The Silver Swan from The Sixteen's Album 'An Immortal Legacy'

Saint Saëns: The Swan from 'The Carnival of the Animals' performed by Davina Clarke and Valeria Kurbatova



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